Combined boiler service and gas safety inspection  just £120

All UK landlords have a legal responsibility to ensure their property’s gas is safe and that a gas safety certificate is issued for their property.

To fulfil your legal obligations you will need to have any gas appliances and gas flues that you own and provide to your tenants inspected annually.

The checks can only be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer who will provide you with a certificate following the inspection.

Fortunately this needn’t be a headache for you though as we can carry out a full inspection of your gas system, register the inspection and issue the certificate to you and your tenant.

The inspection doesn’t take long and we can arrange with the tenant a convenient time with them to carry out the work, so you don’t even need to be there if you’re busy elsewhere.

We charge £85 +VAT for a gas safety inspection and certificate. And if you’d like your boiler serviced at the same time we offer a reduced price of just £130 +VAT for a service and gas safety inspection.

And once you have had your inspection we’ll place the details on our system and ensure you receive an annual reminder when it’s due, so it doesn’t slip your mind in the future

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